A widow named Bhulani

New home constructed for Bhulani and Sandeep
As part of our direct support program, we have been helping an elderly woman call Bhulani and a young boy called Sandeep. Bhulani is a widow who arrived at our office last year in need of help. During the rainy season her mud home had collapsed and she had nowhere to live. Sandeep is an 18-year-old boy who left the juvenile home in Ramnagar six months ago and we are supporting him. He works in our office in Sarnath and we are giving him teaching and training.
We have now finished the constructed a two-bedroom house for these Bhulani and Sandeep and they can move in immediately. This will give them the platform to continue with their lives.
Bhulani in front of her demolished mud home
Sandeep & Bhulani outside their new home
Thank you